Corrosion March 7th Setlist

Brighton Music Hall
March 7, 2015 – Corrosion

DJ Brian L.
[11:00pm – 12:30am]

Einheit Esch & Mur – Schick Kaputt
Silver Ghost Shimmer – Soft Landing
Databomb – Dorian (feat. Edward Ka Spel & Brant Showers)
Collide – Mind Games (cEvin Key & Ken “Hiwatt” Marshall Mix)
Azar Swan – Dance Before The War
MC1R – Pharmakon (Jihad Remix)
reakt[ion] – The Last Regret You’ll Ever Have (Again Mix by [product])
V▲LH▲LL – Bortom Fjäll
Shiv-R – Monster
Skinny Puppy – Dig It
3TEETH – Dust
[r] Kevorkian Death Cycle – The Promise (HexRx Remix)
Peter Murphy – Indigo Eyes (’98 Remix)
Kōban – 401a
The Cure – Charlotte Sometimes
All Your Sisters – Come Feel
Lead Into Gold – Faster Than Light
Cocksure – The Nurses of Cocksure Island
Theologian – Redemption Is An Impossibility- Every Breath (Statiqbloom Remix)
iVardensphere – Stygian (Cyanotic Remix)
23:31 – Cloudless Town

DJ Devil’s Advocate
[12:30am – 2:00am]

White Christian Male – Grand Delusion
Craspore – Illegal
Orange Sector – Untertage
And One – Nachtschicht In Der Hassfabrik
Grendel – Hate This (X-Fusion Remix)
SAM – Buzz Chamber
C.C.C.P. – Smoke On The Water
Lords Of Acid – Drink My Honey
[r] Chemlab – Suicide Jag
[r] The Sisters Of Mercy – Flood II
The Something Experience – German Sparkle Party
Frozen Plasma – Warmongers
Terrorfakt – Hate Like This
[r] Aesthetic Perfection – Living The Wasted Life
VNV Nation – Space & Time
Front Line Assembly – Killing Grounds
[r] My Gold Mask – Explode (∆AIMON Remix)
Pigface vs. Evil Mothers – Sick Asp Fuck (Full Gimball / No. 1 Club Hit)
Atari Teenage Riot – J1M1 (Radio Edit)
Johnny Cash – Ring Of Fire
Rabbit Junk – Hidden Track

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