Corrosion’s Top Tracks for April

One of the things we love about running Corrosion is the constant opportunity to find and play new music. We put together our five favorite new tracks from the past month, and five older tracks we’ve been listening to more.

Corrosion’s April Top 5 New Releases

The Firm Incorporated – Abgebrannt (In Your Face)

Exactly how you’d imagine a project featuring the former Funker Vogt singer and two members of E-Craft would sound — stompy, bare-bones EBM. Nothing fancy is needed here.

MC Lord Of The Flies – The Compound Eye (Tsetse Mix)

We’ve got a soft spot for guitar-driven industrial especially when Marc Heal of Cubanate is involved. Here he is under his new guise still angry and awesome. And it gets remixed by former Cubanate cohort and current Be My Enemy member Phil Barry. Did we mention guitars? GUITARS!

Go Fight – Moscow Drag

While this song has been out there for a few years now, Go Fight’s debut, Napalm Baby, just dropped, and this is pretty awesome, funky, well done industrial rock with a super positive, inclusive message.

Seraphim System – Riot In Progress (GRENDEL Remix)

Breaking our own rules already, this is technically a March release. New aggrotech from North Carolina gets an awesome remix by Grendel.

VOWS – Losing Myself In You (featuring Gary Numan)

There’s an unwritten rule that states “If Gary Numan sings on it, it is good.” This song by VOWS follows this rule very well. Dark, gothy, industrial-pop with a lurching bassline and thundering drums.

Corrosion’s Old Favorites for April

Armageddon Dildos – East West

Brian L dropped this on the last Industrial Factory show, and made us all remember how utterly ridiculous it is. Great dancy EBM, apparently about the divide between East and West Germany.

Dive – Two Faced Man (Monolith Remix)

It’s hard to imagine what industrial music would sound like without the contributions of one Dirk Ivens. His involvement in projects like Absolute Body Control and The Klinik helped define EBM but it’s his work as Dive that adds grit, grime, and a heaping helping of noise into the mix. Dive might very well be the precursor to danceable power noise as we know it.

Revolting Cocks – You Often Forget (Benign)

From the days when Wax Trax! ruled and when Al Jourgensen and Paul Barker still made wonderful noise together.

hologram_ – holy haunted box

Gemoetrical Keys is a fantastic glitchy, noisy, industrial album. Holy Haunted Box is a great encapsulation of the entire album, mixing violin sounds with pulsing bass. It straddles the line between IDM and industrial, but it just sounds awesome.

Sumerian Fleet – Aiwass

It’s hard to describe how much we love EBM, because it’s pretty awesome, of course. And Sumerian Fleet adds their own swing to a classic sound, modernizing it from the 90s sound we are all familiar with, but providing a great vocal hook and funky synth line.

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