Corrosion’s Top Tracks for May

iVardensphere – It is as Blackness Is (Vocal Version feat. Ben Vanlier)
We have been known to enjoy the musical stylings of iVardensphere, and this heavy, crunchy dance song is no different. Off of the mellow and discomforting Tribes of Moth EP, this track can keep us moving as well as anything else they’ve put out.

Orange Sector – Braindead
Two decades into their career and Orange Sector are still going strong with their familiar brand of energetic, stompy EBM. But on “Braindead,” the first track off their latest album, Night Terrors, they slow things down to a simmer while still keeping bodies moving.

M‡яc▲ll▲ – Movement
M‡яc▲ll▲ has been heard all around Boston (well, alright, mostly at Ceremony cause SOMEONE really likes Witch House there) but this release either has the act moving closer to electro, or is the beginning of the genre moving to a far funkier dance style. Either way, this song is awesome, as is its b-side, “Bombshelter.”

Preemptive Strike 0.1 – Coat of Arms from Epos V
PreEmptive Strike 0.1 was founded on the island of Crete in Greece, and this release sees them getting into their country’s history both lyrically and musically. “Coat of Arms” is a cover of a track by the power-metal band Sabaton.

Black Nail Cabaret – Blonde
Combining sounds of goth, dance, synthpop and beautifully dark female vocals, Black Nail Cabaret’s release (on Negative Gain Productions, one of the best current goth/industrial labels today) Harry Me Marry Me Bury Me Bite Me has a lot of really great songs. But “Blonde” just grabbed us, with a catchy chorus and simple, yet insanely danceable sounds.

And here’s some older stuff we’ve been listening to:

POLYFUSE – Fight Back
Very rarely is there an album of nothing but dance songs that is just fun to listen to, and man, POLYFUSE is just awesome. Their album Vomited Howls came out in December of 2014, and this Chicago based industrial dance act does not disappoint. Check the whole thing out.

The Devil & The Universe – Crescent
Just a little tribal, just a little heavy, just a little violin and just a little tension, this song is just great. There are also some great tracks on the full album, The Walpern II – The Blocksberg Sessions but this one just grabbed us something fierce.

Kevorkian Death Cycle – Prey To God
It’s one thing to see one of our favorite late 90’s industrial bands make a comeback but it’s even better when they return armed with some of the best material of their career. Such is the case with Kevorkian Death Cycle whose latest, I Am God might be a front-runner for one of the best albums of 2015. With “Prey To God,” KDC finds that perfect balance between guitar-driven industrial and EBM.

Grendel – Interrogation Leash
Some great Catch-22 samples and Grendel’s classic terror-ebm sound make for an awesome track, and a reminder that war never changes.

In Letter Form – Wait Now
Here’s proof that not everything we listen to is all EBM and electro-industrial. These San Francisco post-punks unapologetically take their cues from goth’s storied past while pushing their music towards something irresistible. “Wait Now” may have all the familiar signposts — the chiming guitars of early Cure, the echoing basslines of Joy Division — but what truly sets it apart from its influences is how the song’s instantly catchy chorus just soars.

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