Corrosion June 6th Setlist

Brighton Music Hall
June 6, 2015 – Corrosion

DJ Brian L.
[10pm – 11pm]

Witch Eyes – At Her Madness
Amesha Spenta – Prognosis
Tribal A.D. – Danza Del Mal
Synth-Etik – Function
Cenotype – She’s Dead…Requiem (Remixed by Autoclav 1.1)
Ah Cama-Sotz – Room With A View
Tweaker – Nothing At All (Front Line Assembly Mix)
Daniel Ash – So Alive (Stripped 2014 Version)
VOWWS – Losing Myself In You (feat. Gary Numan)
[r] My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – The Devil Does Drugs
[r] Coil – Panic
Animal Bodies – Deep Sleep (Single Edit)
Kōban – 401a

DJ Devil’s Advocate
[11pm – 12am]

Bombardier – Phantom
Tanhäuser Gate – Pulse
Fla Vector & Tribal A.D. – Schism (Dead Rows Remix)
PIG vs. Primitive Race – Long In The Tooth
Deviant UK – Cracks Start To Show (Die Sektor Remix)
Mlada Fronta – Apocalyptic America
Steinkind – Ich Bin Zureuck (Nachtmahr Remix)
Tactical Sekt – Not Entertained
Front Line Assembly – Electric Dreams
Stromkern – Perfect Sunrise (Stromkern’s MTV Party-To-Go Remix)
Surveillance – Corridor (Interface Remix)
Polyfuse – Rip
[r] High-Functioning Flesh – The Deal
[r] Statiqbloom – Atrophy Of Three
[r] Eisbrecher – Verrückt (Maxwell Smart Remix)

DJ Brian L.
[12am – 1am]

Mon -o- Taur – Banter V.2
[r] Mono No Aware – After The Experiment
M‡яc▲ll▲ – Bombshelter
Circa Tapes – Ignition Excite
Vandalaze – Datavision
Cruise [Ctrl] – In Hell (Everything Is Fine) feat. Dirk Ivens
Killing Joke – Love Like Blood
The Virgin Prunes – Baby Turns Blue
Siouxsie & The Banshess – Monitor
Joy Division – Transmission
In Letter Form – Wait Now
Cocksure – TKO Mindfuck (feat. Richard 23)
Nine Inch Nails – Closer To God
Acucrack – Violence
Radical G. – Lucifer

DJ Devil’s Advocate
[1am – 2am]

Mon -o- Taur – Surveillance
Aengeldust – Zombie (Acylum Remix)
Acumen Nation – Elective Surgical Strike (Cracknation Mix)
Puscifer – Queen B
[r] Youth Code – Sick Skinned (God Module Pandemic Remix)
ESA – This Is Not Love (iVardensphere Remix)
Chemlab – Vera Blue (96/69)
Torul – Mad World
Cyanotic – Pressure (Glitch Mode Remix Edit)
[r] 3TEETH – Master Of Decay
Keluar – Eremus
Shiv-R – Eye Of The Needle
The Devil & The Universe – The Goat Head (Phase Fatale Remix)
Technolorgy – Crestfallen (Soman Remix)
[r] Icon Of Coil – Existence In Progress

Closing the night

[r] The Misfits – Last Caress
Anthrax w/ Public Enemy – Bring The Noise

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