Corrosion July 3rd Setlist

Brighton Music Hall
July 3, 2015 – Corrosion

DJ Brian L.
[11pm – 12:30am]

C2 – Racing Heart
Autoclav1.1 – Constructive Dismissal
Hologram_ – Origamia
Ah Cama-Sotz – Hotel Odessa
Ground To Dust – What It Takes
Retrogramme – Saved (BITES Remix)
Velvet Acid Christ – Barbed Wire Garden (Assemblage 23 Mix)
Sister Machine Gun – Coldstar
Luminance – Testamente (feat. Kristoffer Grip)
The Cure – One Hundred Years
[r] Corpus Delicti – Saraband
In Letter Form – Wait Now
The Southern Death Cult – Moya
Soft Metals – Hot On the Heels Of Love
And One – Get It (feat. Douglas J. McCarthy)
[r] Frozen Plasma – Warmongers (DJ Edit)
Mesh – Born To Lie (Club Version)
Covenant – Like Tears In Rain
Kevorkian Death Cycle – Prey To God

DJ Devil’s Advocate
[12:30am – 2am]

Shiv-R – Eye Of The Needle
Modulate – Tweekin n Funkin
Bombardier – VFM (Blac Kolor Remix)
Implant – Violence (Prune Flat Remix)
Cyanotic – Reflex Action
[r] Skinny Puppy – illisiT
Syrian – Supernova
[r] Neuroticfish – Silence
Tumor – Come To Daddy
xotox – Ewig
Youth Code – Let The Sky Burn
[r] Ego Likeness – Severine
Die Krupps – Schmutzfabrik
Prude – Sniper (At The Gates) (Loose Lips Mix by Dead On TV)
3TEETH – Sell Your Face (Brain Influenza Remix)
Cryogen Sound – Rust and Remain (Glitch Mode Mix by Cyanotic)
16Volt – Alkali (Mirror)
Puscifer – The Mission (M Is For Milla Mix)
Mindless Faith – Hollow Victory
Gary Numan – Dominion Day
Everything Goes Cold – The Iron Fist Of Just Destruction (The Final Mix by Die Warzau)
Ministry – All Day
IAMX – The Great Shipwreck Of Life (Pull Out Kings Remix)
The Devin Townsend Band – Vampira

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