Corrosion’s Top Tracks for June and July


Keluar – Panguna (The Hacker Remix)
When synthwave meets EBM awesome things like this happen.

PIG vs. Primitive Race – Long In The Tooth (Praga Khan Remix)
The ongoing PIG revival is a welcome one. The world of industrial music has missed Raymond Watts very much and this track with Primitive Race keeps the love-fest going. The Praga Khan remix just adds some extra awesomeness.

Luminance – Testamente (feat. Kristoffer Grip)
Belgium’s Luminance has always straddled the line between post-punk and darkwave and on this track he gets a little help from Kristoffer Grip, vocalist of criminally underrated Swedish post-punks, Agent Side Grinder.

Flesh – Hotter Than Hell (feat. The Horrorist)
Flesh happens to be a common name in our little corner of dark alternative music. This outfit hails from France which shouldn’t come as a big surprise after one listen to their debut full-length, Skin with their mix of aggro-EBM and big electro beats that we’ve come to expect from the likes of Justice and pre-”Get Lucky”-Daft Punk. On “Hotter Than Hell” they get a little bit of help from The Horrorist and the result is a dancefloor-ready stomper.

V▲LH▲LL – Satanic Ritual Abuse [WYCHDOKTOR EDIT]
Two things the Corrosion Crew love come together here– V▲LH▲LL and Wychdoktor. Dark, witchy, noisy, and tribal. Just like we like it.

Been Listening

Phase Fatale – Grain (Silent Servant Remix)

Everything Goes Cold – The Iron Fist of Just Destruction (The Final Mix by Die Warzau

Godflesh – Gift from Heaven

Tactical Sekt – Soulless
Angry terror-ebm with Daredevil samples. Perfect for listening to while fighting evil, or feeling a little evil yourself.



Cyanotic – Sudden Fragments (Artery Spray Mix by UCNX)
One of Devil’s Advocates favorite bands for ten years, this mix of this song is just guitar driven, danceable badass-ness, made even more awesome by the incredible minds behind UCNX. Also, part of an amazing free compilation where, if the team would let him, he would just be the only thing we talk about this month.

Statiqbloom – Contaminate (Burning Remix)
We have been talking about Statiqbloom for months, always looking forward to their work. This remix album does not disappoint, and this mix of Contaminate is intense in a way that recalls a retro industrial feel while still feeling fresh and angry.

KMFDM – Salvation (Mindless Self Indulgence Remix)
There are disparate opinions as to the “best” era of KMFDM, and different people have wildly different thoughts on MSI. This song, though, combines the best of both worlds, taking KMFDM’s diva-funk feel and running it through the glitchy, synthy, punk filter of Jimmy Urine. Definitely worth a listen and a dance.

Front 242 – Take One (RadicalG Remix)
Front 242 is practically synonymous with the term Electronic Body Music. And with good reason. They are, without a doubt, one of the most influential artists of the genre. So with a remastered edition of one of their earliest releases, No Comment, on the horizon, this updated remix of “Take One” surfaced with Belgium’s RadicalG taking on the remix duties giving this EBM classic a modern kick without sacrificing the song’s original pulse.

5th of July & M‡яc△ll△ – Lorelei
A collaborative track between Bombardier’s more abstract alter ego, 5th of July and Corrosion favorites M‡яc△ll△. A 7 ½ minute opus that perfectly combines the lush, cinematic textures of 5th of July with the more rhythmic side of M‡яc△ll△’s recent post-witch-house sound. It’s a dreamy and hypnotic journey that makes It easy to get over the initial disappointment that this isn’t a cover of the Cocteau Twins classic.

Been Listening

Aesthetiche – Blausäure (Junksista rework)
Aesthetiche has been around for years under different names, and Junksista has been creating some funky synthpop for a while now. These two together created an earworm that just won’t leave my head, no matter how hard I try.

Blush Response – Seven Rays
It wouldn’t be a Corrosion list without something resembling techno somewhere. This single from Blush Response, which got released just at the end of June and missed our list, barely, has some great stuff, but the feel of Seven Rays is just awesome.

Author & Punisher – Shame
So much has been said about Author & Punisher, but their newest album, also barely missed by us in June, is a completely different feel of what they have done over the last few years. With MELK EN HONING, they have combined the sound we have come to expect from A&P, and combined it with melody and vocals in a way that hasn’t been done before.

Fad Gadget – Love Parasite
Digging all the way back to 1982 for this one. It’s easy to see why Frank Tovey’s main musical project helped lay the groundwork for synthpop, New Wave, and old-school EBM.

June 2015

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