Corrosion’s Top Tracks for August

August 2015


Primitive Race – Seeing Right Through It All
It has been said that we here at Corrosion are fans of old school industrial. It has been a great surprise to us to find the return of the industrial super-group with Primitive Race. While their whole self-titled album is a great mixture of new and old sounds, Seeing Right Through It All just grabbed us and made us want to dance.

Cocksure – O.C.D. Got Game!
Effectively the other big industrial super-group out right now, Cocksure is made up of two extremely prolific musicians: Jason Novak of DJ? Acucrack and Acumen Nation, and Chris Connelly of… well, almost everything from Wax Trax! Their whole second full length release, Corporate_Sting, is great, grimy, dirty, angry and political. And OCD Got Game! just kicks ass.

Haujobb – Input Error (The Horrorist Remix)
As prolific as Daniel Myer is, it’s hard to believe that it has been almost 4 years since the last Haujobb album. With the latest, “Blendwerk” slated to be released in the Fall, this single whets the appetite perfectly. The Horrorist doesn’t need much to transform this into a dancefloor killer but the little twists he does add to the puncturing rhythms really do make this a perfect balance between the song’s original artist and its remixer.

M‡яc△ll△ – Thє Λrmy of Ξmpty
Another month and another helping of new music from M‡яc△ll△. The title track off their recently released EP finds them sharpening their post-Witch House sound even more towards dark electro-industrial. Definitely a welcome change of pace.

Tempers – Undoing
Not everything needs to be angry, or political or anything more than just a great minimal cold wave song. Tempers has released a single track called Undoing which just makes the hairs on the back of my (Jared here) neck stand up. It’s just a great song and you should love it too.

Been Listening

Project Pitchfork – We Are One (Mirror Split Up Into Pieces)
Sometimes we need to be reminded that bands have more than one great song. Project Pitchfork just so happens to have plenty of great ones that aren’t called “Timekiller” and aren’t remixed and/or covered byAnd One.

Malakwa – Monster

Mobthrow – Low Pressure Area

Glass Apple Bonzai – Dancing on the Moon

The Harrow – Mouth To Mouth
Brooklyn’s The Harrow just put out an excellent new EP that continues to carry the Cocteau Twins torch bridging the gap between hazy dreampop and swirling goth. But this one goes back to last year and their cover of “Mouth To Mouth” originally done by one-off Robert Smith and Steven Severin project, The Glove. And really who covers The Glove? Especially when it’s done this beautifully?

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